Playing with Balance

I am always playing. Something I have always enjoyed playing with is balancing sticks and things. This is me with a stick balanced on a stone, which is sitting on a flat stone, which is sitting on my head.

When I am out hiking amongst the beautiful sculptural dead juniper trees there is often an opportunity to play with balance. And I like that it won’t last. The stick will fall eventually so I will not spoil another’s walk in solitude among the juniper and pinyon.

It is rather thrilling to combine my bird sculpture with stone and wood and balance.

The joy of balance is everywhere. Sitting by a stream, playing with a stick on a stick.


  1. pj says:

    This is delightful! Love your bird balancing sculptuređź’š


    1. Thank you! It’s a little pinyon jay. They are wonderful to see and hear out in the pinyon, juniper forest.


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