Working Large

Hiking in the White Mountains near my home I am always moved by the twisty, gnarly, junipers. They also have this wonderful shaggy bark that they shed. In fascination I collected it up, as I hoped it would make a striking covering for a large bird. What a fun project this has been! I sculpted a heron shape from chicken wire, and attached a nice large stone beak, and tail from old downed juniper. Beak and tail I also collected while hiking in the White Mountains near home. Then I set about adding the pieces of juniper shreds as “feathers”. A bit of an itchy process, but well worth it! I used little undeveloped pinyon cones for eyes. A true bird of the White Mountains that I love to roam in. I enjoyed taking it out for a photo shoot at my local lake where we have watched many heron along the shores. This heron now resides in my front yard beside our little summer pond.

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