I have always made things with my hands; from doing crafts with my grandmother, to digging up clay in the back yard to make little animals. In high school I took long walks along the tracks collecting rusty junk, which I then made into large balancing sculptures. As a fulltime homemaker and mother to my children I continued exploring various forms of sculpture; from papier maché to mosaic fountains. When my children were grown I pursued sculpting in more depth, using ceramic clay as my medium. I joined a gallery in Port Townsend, WA selling my sculptures. My husband at the time and I started a joint business of pottery. He was the thrower, and I sculpted birds to go on his pottery. When we divorced I set out on my own as sculptor.

My life has taken a beautiful turn now. I re-connected with an old high school sweetheart, we fell back into crazy good love, got married, moved to Big Pine, CA in the Owens Valley east of the Sierra. High desert, stunning quiet beauty next to the breath-taking mountains of the Sierra Nevada. On our daily walks I am inspired by the beauty; learning the plants of the area, collecting favorite bits of wood and grasses, while watching birds with my husband. I share this world with you through my sculptures, honoring the natural beauty all around us.