Finding inspiration in nature

Nature Journal

I’ve started keeping a personal nature journal finally. I have always kept little notes, took photos, etc. but never set aside a book just for the purpose of logging my forays into nature. It is wonderful to have a place to note down everything that caught my attention on my walks out in the wilds.…

Working Large

Hiking in the White Mountains near my home I am always moved by the twisty, gnarly, junipers. They also have this wonderful shaggy bark that they shed. In fascination I collected it up, as I hoped it would make a striking covering for a large bird. What a fun project this has been! I sculpted…

Playing with Balance

I am always playing. Something I have always enjoyed playing with is balancing sticks and things. This is me with a stick balanced on a stone, which is sitting on a flat stone, which is sitting on my head. When I am out hiking amongst the beautiful sculptural dead juniper trees there is often an…

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